Gijinka – 00:01: … so your name is *player*

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7 March 2016

A redrawn comic.
Original comments:

“Why yes, I did just want an excuse to draw plugsuits.

I was having some problems reconciling certain things in this au, mostly the whole 6+1 groups of people running around thing. Groups of seven are really awkward to choreograph, and it was just crazy to think of many, many groups of seven people running amok and camping out and stuff.

I’m sure there’s a good reason most teams in fiction are teams of four-ish.

So yeah, that kinda tied me down for a while”

Classism – 010

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1 June 2015 (original post date)

Missed updating last week because … well suffice to say, I now know what heat fatigue symptoms are. And of course, as soon as i turn the ac on, the temperature plummets so I have to turn the heating on. wtf weather?
Also noting that if I ever want to do something as texturally complicated and reoccuring as the fireplace, I should do a something like a modelling unwrap texture to save myself hella lotta grief. It WAS supposed to be in a few more panels, but f that.

Classism – 007

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6 May 2015 (original post date)

… or rather, [scoping out] the local situation.

Man this comic was an annoying learning experience. I spent way too much time fiddling with textures, and it still doesn’t look right. And of course by the time I finished with the wood, I just didn’t care anymore and halfarsed the rest of the bgs. Definitely just gonna paint in the major details next time and just do a light texture overlay.

For funsies, though it has no bearing to story:
While I was looking up reference for fireplaces in cabins, I was amused to see that a suggested “related search” was adding on “brick” to “fireplace log cabin”. Now, I know it’s probably the difference between stone versus brick fireplaces, but part of me is still giggling at the idea of a wooden fireplace.

Classism – 006

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27 April 2015 (original post date)

You didn’t think I’d keep throwing names of places at you without context, did’ya? … You did? … >->

For funsies, though it has no bearing to story:
Elves being immune to sleep spells has always been a mild annoyance of mine. My personal belief for this mysterious racial trait is that Legolas had insomnia while tracking the orcs across Rohan, which led to the mistaken belief that elves don’t need sleep. (j/k, totally)

Classism – 004

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17 April 2015 (Original Post Date)

Didn’t quite manage an update last week for… reasons. I’m almost back on track now; it just means I have to put off the next Gijinka another week.

For funsies, though it has no bearing to story:
You can barely tell that the mysterious person is holding a gun, I’m pretty sure the elf shouldn’t have seen a gun before, and guns aren’t really everywhere yet, but I still wanted to make a stupid “don’t shoot” joke. XD