Leah’s Records



Upon returning from her adventurous life as a Hero in another world, Leah Williams is eager to return to her peaceful life on Earth.

… Peaceful life?

Hang on a second – is this really the Earth she’d left before?

TAGS: Female Protagonist, Modern Fantasy, Dungeons



  2. Arrival of the ‘Hero’
  3. Departure of the Hero
  4. A Decent Sort of Goddess
  5. Returned … ?
  1. ACT 1:
  2. No Pain no Gain
  3. If I have it, I’ll use it


  • A-side/A-siders: People and things that aren’t involved with the magic side of the world.
  • Aither: Magicules that are naturally latent outside of living beings.
  • Akashic Records: The theoretical list of all circumstances and happenings that make up an existence’s identity.
  • Anima: Magicules that are naturally produced within living beings.
  • B-side/B-siders: People and things that are involved with the magic side of the world
  • ‘Entrance Fee’: Natural incidence(s) that occur when someone becomes a B-sider, inflicted on the existences that led that person to become a B-sider. These are commonly attributed to a ‘payment’ out of the leading existence’s Akashic Records. Common side effects are high fevers, loss of abilities and identities, and sometimes death.
  • Magicule: The smallest known unit of what is understood as magic. A ‘particle’ of magic.