Red and Green have been mysteriously entered into the Kanto PKMN League and are now on a journey to assemble the best teams they can to compete in the tourney. But just what is the shady business going on behind the scenes?
A Pokemon parody where the pokemon are people, and the people are also people.

An archive of the development of Gijinka! can be found [here].
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 Episode 00: Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?

  1. … So your name is *player*
  2. Professor Oak’s Speech
  3. A Mysterious Package
  4. What is the PKMN League
  5. Delia’s Diner
  6. Blue’s Code of Thieves
  7. Toys from War

Episode 01: Now, which PKMN do you want?

  1. … I don’t know him.
  2. It rides up … in PLACES