Announcement Feb2021

Hello, just dropping a line to inform everyone what’s been going on.

First, Leah’s Records will be back soon in March.

Second, I’m not renewing the domain, so will be defunct come March 6, 2021, and there will only be

Third, the site might be a little cattywampus for a short while come March 6, 2021 as my plan expires, (namely the short reappearance of wordpress ads that will all too likely cut Leah comics into awkward bits, but may also chang fonts around, and with a small chance that the layout may change), but I will be working to fix all that soon after.
I wish it allowed me to downgrade the plan for the next repayment so the transition would be seamless instead of having to let my current plan expire before purchasing the other one, but honestly it’s already been an almost hassle free transition so a brief snaggle isn’t all too bad.

As for why I’m going back to an (almost) free site, well… it’s only partially due to finances. The main reason is a bid to increase my productivity, because … uh, there are a lot of things in my psyche that don’t make sense, but putting deadlines and monetary pressure on myself actually makes me freeze up and not do anything.
There’s a reason there isn’t really an update schedule on Ohanashi. Although I’ve been slow as sht, if I had an update schedule, I think I would have long since stopped out of shame of not being able to uphold the schedule.
… I don’t make sense, but that’s how I operate, so I do my best to work around it. School was fun.

See you in the next update


3 thoughts on “Announcement Feb2021”

  1. Thanks for the update.
    I’d much rather you have good mental health and be able to update whenever you want, than be stressed and stop updating completely! Take your time and stay healthy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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