klinh comics: 8

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A/n: … Chen Yijun’s appearance is so completely disparate from his personality that I find it marvelous. There’s a reason he’s so weirded out whenever he looks in the mirror.
… I’m having problems with Chenglei’s fluffy hair. I’ll eventually get it figured out. I have problems with fluffy hair.

5 thoughts on “klinh comics: 8”

  1. My fanon: Chenglei’s hair is an artifact of his cultivation. His Invincible Plot Armor Physique sometimes just makes his hair poof with static for no good reason.

    What era of western RPG did/does Kousei play?

    See, for the past couple years or so, I’ve been following a blogger who does CRPGs compulsively, and as a result about ten years ago started an effort to play everything in the genre, and blog about it. Starting from the earliest examples, and moving forward. (He has since limited the ambition a little, but is still making a fairly serious effort.) I’m far from being familiar with everything posted there, but I’ve been exposed to a lot of stuff I would not have otherwise heard of.


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