14 thoughts on “klinh comics: 7”

  1. Naru kind of surprises me, but I guess it kind of makes sense if I think about it.

    Jun and Naru are more physically minded, which would give them an edge in VR/RL-Fantasy, but that wouldn’t translate to pushing buttons well beyond maybe having good reaction times.

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    1. Naru is also pretty impulsive, and would be easy pickings for a sniper. You can’t take a lot of bullets in many shooters, and in my headcannon for Naru’s universe, fps have taken a backseat to actual VR shooters, so only those who are retro fps game otaku would bother learning how to play them well.


  2. I don’t play/know FPS, but I suspect Naru is the type to try playing with the Melee Weapon just because they think it’s better than the guns, particularly if they have an instant-death Melee Weapon when most of the guns need several shots or precise aim.

    Also, I would probably be in Jun’s position, especially since I do get Simulation Sickness (which is basically motion sickness from videogames) fairly easily. Can’t even play anything using the Unreal Engine due to that.


    1. I key Naru as being the person who runs out with a semi-automatic and kills a few enemies, just to get sniped because she forgets that that’s a thing.


  3. Thanks for all your hard work! I think the quick fix here is to drop the FPS on Yijun’s screen… 🤔

    Also, Chenglei should ask Laoban if there are dedicated controllers for cultivators yet. 😛


    1. a quicker fix would just be to put him on Fluvia and Jun’s team…

      Not sure Yuan Chenglei would have time for video games these days… plus, he just doesn’t know how to control his strength yet~

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      1. Right right, forgot that everything is team-based these days… My impressions of multiplayer FPS are stuck back in the Quake Arena, Goldeneye era, where is everyone against everyone else. 🤔


  4. I’m not sure if it is the hairstyle or the change in proportions, but 8 year old Fluvia looks older than 5 year old Fluvia.


    Take care.


  5. I remember that Jun held a grudge against Masaki for beating him in a non VR game, and blamed it on a faulty controller (or was it keyboard?). I’m assuming it wasn’t an FPS game, based on how she performed here. 😛


  6. Funny that Jun is classed as one of the bad players seeing that they were recruited as the secret weapon that would guarantee that team Killing Machines would able to obliterate the other teams.
    Granted I can see them pausing in the middle crossroads because they thought of something to only discover 5 minutes later they respawned four minutes ago.


    1. they’re OP mary sues, essentially, when it comes to games, so they’d probably beat everyone out of the water. Maybe they’ll have a couple awful games while they learn the controls, but after that they’ll be unstoppable.

      The only reason I didn’t include them was because I plan on restarting the story after wrestling with the genre that I’m clearly unfamiliar with. Who knows when that will be~

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