Leah: 2

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A/n: Sorry for the delays. Having an inferiority complex AND a perfectionistic streak doesn’t make for easy drawing.
It’s also been quite awhile since I’ve done comics, so I’m really rusty with the difference in pacing that comics have versus written fiction. I’ve become used to adding whatever little details I can think of whenever I feel like it in wns, but you have a lot less real estate in comics, and it’s better to spend most of that real estate on major events instead of less important details that tend to spiral into distractions.

10 thoughts on “Leah: 2”

  1. I must admit: Hot Mess™ looks AWESOMELY HOT on Leah.

    Also yeah, if I had magic I’d also constantly use it for convenience. -,- I’d use Timestop or Teleportation just to make a trainswitch when there’s been a delay, if I could. Levitation for snacks so I don’t have to get up. Whatever magic I can use to cool down on a hot day, or warm up on a cold day… I feel ya, Leah.

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  2. Oh, yay more.

    To be fair, it’s not like magic helps with every chore until you reach full out wizard with Unseen Servant and the like. Until then, still probably less work to toss something in a washing machine.


  3. If the entire story is drawn in this quality and has a storyline to match your other stories, I wouldn’t mind you posting this only once a month or so! Obviously, no one wants that (except maybe you for practical purposes) but love your stories (written and drawn!) and thank you for the enthralling stories! (Just casually assuming this’ll be as addicting as WFB, EC, Fluvia, etc)

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  4. Last Panel is the attitude of everyone who knows that they can’t be trusted with not using something they shouldn’t have, particularly when they’re given it anyway. And people who feel it’s reasonable to have the thing wonder why we don’t want it.


  5. I have a preference for more frequent updates, but zero problems waiting.

    This is good, don’t let your doubts talk you into thinking it is not.

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