16 thoughts on “Leah: 1”

  1. Turns out that powerful sky beings have an odd sense where human suffering is concerned. Obviously calibrated off what you experienced in that other world, without accounting for you being back to your original pain tolerance. 🙂

    More seriously, KLin, this is excellent.

    You show many different parts of Leah, and they are very well done. The wording of the first bit fits the period, and a Leah of that period. The second bit has a very nice biographic/historic text, and the image works very well for Leah as a plausible dangerous warrior. The other three/four chunks of this update’s story are likewise spot on.

    I do wonder if ‘might cause some discomfort’ might prove a significant understatement. And I’m having some silly thoughts about Newtypes.

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  2. Hmm. The block text says ‘me hometown’ and the cursive says ‘my hometown’, so all of sudden, I’m now imagining her with a stronger accent.


  3. My darling Leah, I should remind you that the Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt.

    And I always pity artists that suddenly realise they’re putting themselves through a nightmare. It’s a nice way so far though, but I pity you for all the following pages that she’s still inside.

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  4. Couple of poses I’ve been continuing to particularly like. As in, left the tab open, because I want to take a look every so often.

    One, that battle scene. The spear, the armor, the blood, the stance and motion. The cross piece makes me think boar spear, but the tassel makes me think ‘fancy Chinese spear intended for use on humans’.

    Second, Leah on the ground with raccoon eyes, covered in dirt. The details really sell her emotional state.

    I’ve been looking back over the prologue, and am excited about learning how much of Older Leah came back with her.

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    1. I am confused as to why the tassel is on the boar spear, particularly so far back. I know that Klin knows the purpose of the tassel to confuse size and distance due to reading Gijinka! notes, but that use would be completely lost with such large and ornate stops on the Boar Spear. And you can see that the tassel is attached to the back of the stop, making it’s purpose from our world all the less possible. I’m assuming it was there for artistic flourish (the maker’s, not Klin’s, since Klin tends to have a level of explanation), or the tassel may be the equivalent of a magical phone, walkie-talkie or microphone, intended for battlefields.


      1. My assumption is that it is really less of a boar spear, and more a Maou spear. Cross piece because Maou are Boar level die hard, shakusho (sp?) rings because /demon/ king, and tassel because intelligent. It is almost certainly meant to be used with powerful magic.


      2. hint. that color neon green will crop up here/there for some of Leah’s magic equipment from this world.
        Oh wait, that’s not so much a hint as just telling it to you.
        Also, Leah tends to punch the spear too far through things, so the lugs are more there to stop her from ‘traveling’ the spear rather than her enemy.
        I don’t think this counts as a spoiler, right?
        I mean, I didn’t intend to explain it or anything… … …


    1. I can see that interpretation.

      I guess I’m not yet sure if ‘No Pain No Gain’ is the update title or the act title.


      1. Finally checked the index again. I interpret it as meaning that Act 1, and the Prologue are untitled. This strip’s title is No Pain, No Gain.

        I’m wondering, “gain relative to what?” Magic level in the other world, or magic level when last on Earth?

        I’m super tediously boring, I know.


      2. Look at the archive list again. Each of the prologue pages are named, as is the first page. So the name refers to the pain of gaining magic on Earth. In other words, it’s referencing the end of this page.


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