17 thoughts on “Leah: Prologue 4”

    1. I’ve only been once, a long time ago, and I can’t really remember it all that well … but yes. I also get the vague feeling it’s nothing like the London Dungeon

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  1. Note to self; If you’re ever in conversation with a deity who is gonna transfer you to another world (home or where ever), double check the coordinates BEFORE transfer is made.

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  2. ahahaha
    I wonder why there is a dungeon on Earth… isthat the wrong Earth ? or did Earth have unknown issues that might be awoken by having a magical lady arriving ?

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    1. I’m frankly amazed all of you can find enough to comment on each page, since not a lot happens each update compared to the WN updates, but I’m happy about it

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      1. While it’s much more understandable to have comments on whole chapters, it’s surprisingly easy for comics with single pages. As mentioned above, lots of speculation to be made because “Every picture is worth a thousand words”, we *see* what the character sees, and most comic pages have some sort of punchline. Between the 3, and sometimes in combination, we’ve got plenty to say and you’ll hear ALL about it. Lovely comic by the way. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes

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      1. Unless magic is really, really, really, bad for mundanes. Or magic from a world not of Earth is bad for the health or sanity of even the Earth natives who are magic users.

        Yeah, I don’t actually believe those theories, but do enjoy wildly speculating.


      2. Honestly, if she currently has, or easily gains, Earth’s Favour, she probably was summoned due to having some level of it beforehand. Meaning that she’s likely to only gain an increase in what she already had when she was in the other world. Particularly since what she is going to fight on Earth is likely insignificant compared to what she fought while summoned.


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