12 thoughts on “Leah: Prologue 3”

  1. Just to be clear…. The being in the very top panel is *not* the goddess below, right? I only ask because they are both hiding their eyes… 😏

    Keep up the good work, and thanks! 😄


      1. And here I thought that the topmost individual was simply the goddess of fate relevant to this story… so, yeah, KlinH. I guess it could be Klin’s mother, though, if you say it is, Klin.


      2. lol, it’s actually not specifically me (or my mother). I haven’t decided yet, actually. Could be a reoccurring shady fortune teller… anyway, it does resemble my mother a little when she was younger, so I have mixed feelings about things


    1. Someone doesn’t do most of their tabletop fantasy games using Unknown Armies.

      I totally for sure believe that this would be the correct way to read the setting details for Earth in the index.

      (Okay, in all seriousness, I think Klin might play it a little in that direction, but I understand that UA goes to an extreme, and I don’t think that extreme is likely.)


  2. Sure, armageddon blasts aren’t going to be as needed without a demon lord to kill or whatever. But if you don’t know any magic that would be useful on Earth, then you haven’t been learning the right magic.

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    1. Seriously this. Unless you’re megumin, a good percent of your magic should be useful on earth. Especially with how KlinH writes their characters usable magic reserves and use of magic up…

      Honestly with how KlinH writes things, I’m expecting Leah to end up revered as a deity lol. Or if not a deity, some new variant of human.

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      1. It all depends on the magic system. Even if characters have what essentially equates to MP Pools, if refilling that MP Pool fundamentally requires some sort of ambient magical energy, and Earth is devoid of that energy, then, in the best case scenario, returning with magic gives you a highly limited amount of potential spells with no drawback. Worst case scenario in this situation, returning with magic gets your magic leached into the environment, and you have to suffer all the issues that come from having low MP (headaches are a common one), while being responsible for others locally gaining minor magical powers as a side effect of the environmental leaching, and potentially changing the world to have low levels of magic permanently that never reaches high enough levels to affect your low MP migraines, instead just ensuring that you can’t just empty out your MP tank and adapt back to being manaless (I did say worse case scenario). Even with the Goddess’s statement of “You’ll be able to use it with no problems”, since it’s obvious that she knows nothing about Earth’s technology, it’s possible that she knows nothing about it’s magical environment, either, and thus doesn’t know if the second situation is possible, and just assumes that there would be magical energy in the environment to draw upon, “because of course there is”, and doesn’t consider the side effects of having magic when it’s not there.

        …I enjoy designing magical systems and worlds (usually I design worlds and magical systems together, because one would fundamentally affect the development of the other), but am not a writer. So don’t expect for me to make a story just because I came up with what could be considered a fun world idea (Grumpy Returnee is grumpy due to magical migraines and the fact that they accidentally turned their home-world into a magical one as a side effect of returning. Nobody can hurt them with magic, but they can’t use anything beyond what they had lifestyle magic, and even that makes their migraines worse. Other people can use what they consider low-level attack magic, though).

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  3. I like that Goddess’s attitude toward Leah. If you have to summon a person from another world to save a world, you should at least talk to them like a person and not just adopt a ‘higher than thou’ stance like so many stories do.

    Good Job, KlinH.

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