8 thoughts on “Leah: Prologue-2”

      1. It’s a feel bad moment for us, her, and her children. However, it’s something that, with that type of condition, should happen, particularly if you’re going for a realistic story. As such, I feel like it’s both appropriate and is already adding to a story I haven’t even truly started.


      2. Concur.

        Powerful set up.

        It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the older stuff, and the format is not one I have much of an eye for, but it feels like Klinh may have gotten even better at comics.


  1. Outstanding.

    I had questions last strip.

    Relationship with friends, does she ever come home for the start, and what happened in the other world for the last?

    This feels much better than I imagined. Words fail me, one of the earliest thoughts was ‘that is so metal.’

    This comes together very strongly. Very interested in Leah, seeing her next circumstances.

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  2. This reminds me of an anthology I own and first read many years ago edited by Roger Zelazny called ‘Forever After’. It basically was about what happens after the Demon Lord was defeated and the Hero and his party tie up all the loose ends, deal with all the legendary weapons, etc. This episode has part of that flavor and I rather like it.

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