Leah: Prologue – 1

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A/n: Don’t really have an update schedule… I know that’s extremely unhelpful, but I’m unwilling to commit to something I’m not sure I can uphold. For now it will be at least once a week ish?
Ohanashi readers: I plan on continuing to link the klinH comic updates on the other site. Would it be helpful if I did that to this one too?

10 thoughts on “Leah: Prologue – 1”

  1. That’s not a curse. Spend some time with sailors, Leah. -,- My 3yo niece curses better than that.

    I hope she left the cursing out of the retelling! O_O Let the kids learn original cussing instead!

    Linking it on Onahashi would be nice for drawing more attention!

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    1. she’s actually fairly large, but I’m making it a point not to overemphasize the breasts in order to not ruin her fashion decisions.
      Since she’s wearing a loose shirt, it hides a lot, and I had to consciously let that happen since I do tend to emphasize boobs

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  2. Thanks. Looks interesting.

    Would appreciate the link updates on Ohanashi.

    I think I heard talk of return? Hmm. If you do Narnia style returning to original age and time, dislocation one way, current age and time displacement another sort of psychological dislocation.


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