18 thoughts on “klinh comics: 5”

  1. Oddly enough, I recently saw a pressure cooker in use, and was told some stories. Fifty pounds of pressure doesn’t sound like much, but I guess it is enough.

    Jun is going to find herself apprenticed to an alchemist master experimenting with some sort of unstable casting process involving a vapor phase, isn’t she?

    Comes to mind that apparently depleted Uranium can enhance the properties of steel in a way compatible with swords. Uranium Hexafloride and gas centrifuges also come to mind.


    1. Fifty pounds of pressure on a (probably lighter than) five pound lid causes said lid to fly away. That’s why they have those pressure release valves.

      I feel like Jun would only interact with an alchemist for an extended period for alchemy purposes if it somehow involves smithing. So I don’t feel like an apprenticeship is likely.

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      1. I probably shouldn’t have shortened PSI that way. I’ve more often been around about 100 PSI compressed air lines, but a foot of line has a lot less surface area and volume than a foot pressure cooker. Air lines also aren’t being heated with a liquid-vapor system inside.

        I think it more correct to say Jun would do just about anything when it comes to fabricating swords.

        So my head canon includes things like casting, vapor deposition, and composite layup, if any of those exist with useful properties in setting.

        I can almost imagine her creating something like Stormbringer by accident, but not on purpose.

        She also isn’t mad scientist enough to do human experimentation to create sword girls.


      2. There’s actually a bit earlier in the story where she tells the guild master that she wants to learn other crafts in case it provides inspiration for her smithing. It didn’t actually happen, but it’s not impossible that she might remember it at some point and pick up alchemy.


    1. Even if his Grandmother wanted to, Jun was spending as much time as he could out the back watching his Grandfather smith. And it was his Grandfather’s Funeral that was happening at the beginning of the story and causing the house to be sold, so it’s likely that he outlived his wife.


      1. Naru’s the type to pay attention to their cooking, if only so that they can return to gaming sooner. Jun, on the other hand, is the type to get distracted by a book, television, a phone call or just a conversation partner, and end up with ash and char as a “meal”.


    1. jerky. all the time.
      Haha, he just doesn’t unless he has to, and then it’s just making sure things aren’t raw… unless he’s feeling bad, and then he has to eat monster meat raw.
      So basically, nothing really noteworthy, which is why he isn’t listed

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