klinh comics: 3

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A/n: Rather than doing ‘female leads justice,’ I think I just feel like girl MCs are always forced into certain genres, and I just want to write typical guy-MC-isekai stories, but with girl MCs.
Not that I don’t like girlie isekai, because I read that stuff too, but, you know. Independent women MCs just aren’t as common.

Fluvia was totally a riajuu who could somehow get away with cracking old man jokes, definitely…

8 thoughts on “klinh comics: 3”

    1. It’s a simplified explanation of his character. He’s “practical” to a fault, and has a unique way of viewing the world. This results in him doing things like letting himself get hit in order to grow his “Heal” Skill’s levels, or fighting fights that he’s certain he’ll get hit in. And, in games where getting hit hurts, other players would look at him and end up calling his healer playstyle masochistic.


      1. Meanwhile, your writer’s block got a song stuck in my head:

        I can’t do it!
        I can’t do it!
        I’ve got obsessed with E4’s Skins.
        Writer’s block. Please don’t mock,
        It takes my mind off other things.
        It’s so lame,
        I must blame
        dirty thoughts I’m having about Midshipman Frame.
        I can’t do it!
        I can’t do it tonight!

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  1. that a/n, EXACTLY, so much yes! summs up all the the factors ❤
    one of the reasons i love your stories are your mcs and especially the strong fmcs be it mentally or physically. (another plus is that they dont do a 180 in the middle of the story and become a wimpy doormat/good for nothing)

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