14 thoughts on “klinH Comics 2”

  1. I kinda feel like Fluvia is misrepresenting the situation… Among your characters, only Jun is a complete lost cause, after all. Naru is notably large, Fluvia is *five* and has plenty of time, and most of the main female cast of Cursed range from large (Suyin) to really large (Tsirumi) to plain ridiculous (Nagi).

    Apropos of nothing, Jun looks gorgeous in that second panel. So there’s that. 😁

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      1. Yes… Picking on you. It’s not at all like she’s expecting to inherit her mother’s physique, including bust size. Particularly since she reincarnated as a Villainous Support Character, and thus her base appearance is unlikely to be able to upstage the Villainous Lead.

        And, since she never actually played the game, only heard about it from her daughter, she doesn’t actually know how she would have turned out. Though, admittedly, our Fluvia is going to be healthier and probably better nourished than Game Fluvia.

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  2. I like how Jun is just like “nope, not talking about that”. And in general, it’s cool seeing the characters interacting with each other.

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  3. On Adam’s Apple’s: Honestly, I suspect that your Adam’s Apple Mistakes is due to your perception of gender and attitudes. That is to say, Jun, while originally Male, is an incredibly passive person, to the point of having a practically gender-less personality. Naru, meanwhile, is incredibly active has an attitude similar to what most would consider “Male”, being a brash, abrasive and ‘no f**** given’ type who has calmed down after leaving high school.

    Not that I’m saying there aren’t males and females with all types of personalities, just that Television and other Media has conditioned us to believe that Males tend to the “do stupid things and drink too much because the opportunity arises” type, while Females tend to be the “spread rumors and abuse politics for authority/power” type. Obviously, I just used the WORST traits Media uses to describe both genders, but still, it’s indicative of how we’re conditioned.


    1. rather than perception of her character, her facial structure is just too similar to my default young man’s face~…
      Well, she is also supposed to have broad shoulders and other male-like characteristics. It’s always interesting to see how those characteristics are completely overridden by the boobs, visually speaking, but I kind of like that.


  4. agreed to two comments here.
    jun in second panel is gorgeous…
    and Naru is a “guys with boobs”…

    and fun comic, thanks πŸ™‚


  5. I still remember when the legal drinking age in my country was 16 (driving a car was, and is, 18). But because underage ‘coma drinkers’ became a problem, first the hard liquor age was raised to 18, and then the overall drinking age.


  6. Is Fluvia saying statistical clustering, sampling error, or that Kousei is cherrypicking examples? Or is it that the creative process isn’t a conscious process, so works in weird ways that include not being a simple extrapolation of tastes?

    Can I plausibly pretend that it is utterly vital for me to know whether Fluvia is convinced that the central limit theorem is valid in this case? πŸ™‚


  7. Well, I mean, if you take your otherstory teaser main characters into account, I’d say the gender ratio is relatively balanced. (3 guys, 3 girls, but hey, that means Kousei isn’t the only guy anymore.)

    Also, first Fluvia derails your story plans, then she starts to bully you here? Our biologically 5, mentally eternally 20 noble girl is quite savage.

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  8. When I saw the first comic I didn’t immediately realize who those characters were and SOMEHOW haven’t noticed Naru’s boobs until the third panel. I had to take a second look because I honestly thought she was a guy. She still does look like one.


  9. I really enjoy the way everyone in the second panel has a slightly different version of a “fuggin’ seriously?” expression.
    And then Juns “Aw hell naw” face in the last panel killed me.


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