15 thoughts on “1: Here Comes Trouble”

  1. So Jun all of a sudden has dry, combed hair tied back?

    That could possibly be something Jun learned to do offscreen in the main story and never bothered to mention.

    This is lovely.

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    1. yeah, something like a secret skill.
      Although the real answer is that I was a tad concerned if people would know who it was, so…


    1. gacha stories are impossible without devolving into either harem or grinds-ville (or both), or just straight out turning into a summoner.
      … although I do play some


      1. Honestly, if you put the Gacha be the result of a class in a world with an RPG System which has good, all round stat growth (or at least just gives good stats per level), but can only use random, temporary, weapons, armour & summons created through Gacha Summoning, someone might be able to make an interesting story. You can even have specialisations where you can have either a single Gacha that gives a set class for a day, along with equipment and armour all set to your level, or you can have multiple Gacha that gives random, uncoordinated weapons, armour, skills & a summoned companion for the same period. A third build makes you just a summoner of Random Companions, with set skills for supporting your companion and able to actually equip proper equipment, which is either considered the “sellout” version of the class (if you’re going to do that, why not just go play a summoner) or is the most common way of playing that class (the other ways are too RNG Heavy, nobody wants to play with someone with no consistency).

        …And this is sounding more and more like a suggestion for a class in one of Electric City’s Games that the MC and his sister would play as.


      2. ah, a class based on gacha is different than a story based on gacha.
        Although I’d probably prefer to call a class that relies on luck a gambler class than a gacha class.
        A story that embodies gacha games is just something I’m not interested writing. But I’m not against putting some gacha elements into stories.


  2. Naru is perfect, but Jun strikes me as too straightlaced to walk around the house in boxers and a t-shirt(guy or girl). Honoka could pull that, but Kousei would never allow it.


    1. ah, yeah, I also had that thought, especially with other girls around, and my first instinctive answer was that girls can get away with wearing boxers as shorts… but then I thought about it, and there is no way Jun would have gotten to that point in her gender identity to pull it off.
      Since this is a non-continuity comic, I guess there’s just going to be some ooc moments to make the jokes, but I’ll try to keep it under control… maybe. hopefully


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